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Hey everyone!

Silver Screen Salon is pleased to announce our New Point's Rewards Program! We are so excited to be able to reward
you for being such great clients. :) This program gives you points that earn you Silver Screen Bucks! Silver Screen Bucks
(SS Bucks) can be used towards services, retail and Gift Certificate purchases. Points can be rewarded for Gift Certificate
purchases, however they must be purchased for someone else.

1,000 points> $1.00 in SS Bucks
Minimum of 15,000 points in order to redeem SS Bucks

The points system is as followed:

Retail purchase> 20 x Retail Ticket (i.e. 20 x $52.50 = 1,050 points)

Service Purchase> 15 x Service Ticket (i.e. 15 x 145.00 = 2,175 points)

Gift Certificate purchase > 10x GC price (I.e. 10 x $100.00= 1,000)

Package/Series purchase> 15x Package purchase as points (i.e. $200 x 15= 3000 pts.)

Pre-booking at checkout (NEW clients)> 4,000 pts

Pre-booking at checkout (Existing client)> 1,500 pts

Referring New Clients> 8,000 pts

Retail purchase over $100> 1,000 pts

Service tickets over $300> 1,000 pts

Scheduling Online (not compatible on Chrome)> 500 pts

Trying a New Service> 800 pts

Trying a New Service Class> 1700 pts

Points for Same Service preformed 10 times w/in 52 weeks> 7,500

Points/SS Bucks are non-transferable.

Silver Screen Bucks have to be used by the client who earned the points.

Points will expire every 2 years so make sure you are using your rewards!

Thank you!

SilverScreenSalon Team